Elected Post Officers for 2021-2022 are:

  • Commander - Carl "Chris" Christophersen (co-Webmaster)
  • Sr Vice Commander - James "Jim" Peterson
  • Jr Vice Commander - Thomas "Tom" Nasky
  • Quartermaster - Thom Fermstad (co-Webmaster & Newsletter Editor)
  • Chaplain - Tiffany "Tink" Bothell 
  • 3-Year Trustee -  Thunder "Eli" Smith
  • 2-Year Trustee -  Thomas "Tom" Joyce
  • 1-Year Trustee -  Edwin "Roy" Gould


Nominations for 6 Post Officers occur every March; followed by any additional nominations in April, immediately followed by Elections. Those 6 Post officers are:

·       Commander

·       Senior Vice Commander

·       Junior Vice Commander

·       Quartermaster

·       Chaplain

·       3-Year Trustee  


All newly elected Post officers assume their office as soon as the new VFW Department of Washington officers are elected in June.


After each election is completed, the current 3-Year Trustee automatically rolls down to become the new 2-Year Trustee; the current 2-Year Trustee automatically rolls down to become the new 1-Year Trustee; and the current 1-Year Trustee loses that office.


Appointed Post Officers (as announced by the Post Commander) for 2020-2021 are:

  • Officer-of-the-Day - Thomas "Tom" Joyce
  • Service Officer - USV Brigadier General Timothy "Tim" Miller
  • Judge Advocate - Haywood Johnson
  • Surgeon - Miquel Valiente



Haywood Johnson

Judge Advocate - Army - Post 3348

Tom Joyce

Officer of the Day - Army - Post 3348

Tim Miller

Service Officer - Army - Post 3348

Miguel Valiente

Surgeon - Army - Post 3348


Thom Fermstad

Quartermaster - Army - Post 3348

Jim Peterson

Sr. Vice Commander - Marines - Post 3348

Tom Nasky

Jr. Vice Commander - Marines - Post 3348

Tiffany Bothell

Chaplain - Army - Post 3348

Eli Smith

3-Year Trustee - Marines - Post 3348

Tom Joyce

2-Year Trustee - Army - Post 3348

Roy Gould

1-Year Trustee - Navy - Post 3348

Carl Christophersen

Commander - Navy - Post 3348


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