There are 7 sub-headings shown across the top of this web site:

1.   Home

2.   About *

3.   Programs *

4.   Resources *

5.   News*

6.   Contact

7.   Login *


* The down arrowheads indicate it is a drop-down menu with additional options. Which means that by clicking on the down arrowhead, these options appear for the user to select.


Under the "About” menu, the options most utilized are:


·       About Us --- a short dissertation on our Post and includes the name and phone # of our Membership Committee Chair


·       Officers --- names & photos


·       Taps --- photos & short biographies of deceased members



Under the "Programs” menu, the options most utilized are:


      o   Youth Essay Contests --- describes the various annual essays for 2021


      o   The U.S. Constitution (sans the 27 Amendments)


      o   27 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution


      o   The Declaration of Independence



Under the "Resources” menu, the option most utilized is: ldldldl


·        Veteran Benefits & Assistance (100s of links to useful web sites). This is the most used option on our web site 


·        WA State Service Officers - names, hours open, phone numbers & email addresses 


·        U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff – names & photos plus names of Military Secretaries 


·        Unified Combatant Commands – name of UCCs, who is in charge & UCC global responsibilities  


·        Branches of the U.S. Government – a quick Civics lesson. Lists the 3 branches of the U.S. government including the names & titles of prominent members of the Executive Branch under the President


·        Timeline on who could vote in the United States– from 1776 to 2002


·        Ranks of Officers & Enlisted by Branch of Service


·        VFW National Home for Children – News from the Director



Under the "News” menu, the options most utilized are:


·       News – current veteran related news (usually from - updated often (usually daily)


·       Announcements – updated less often and is more Post related 



Under the "Login” menu, there is only one option you can use:


·       Members Only

1.   Requires the VFW Member ID

2.   Password is the VFW Member's last name e.g., the password for Eli Smith is "Smith”



The first 3 entries are updated every month:


·       Report of the Last Meeting

·       Meeting Minutes (Last 3 Meetings)

·       Newsletter (Last 3 months)


Following the above 3 entries, are some fascinating reading, broken into easily readable parts.


·       First Principles – an in-depth review of this excellent book which took us through the Revolutionary War, championed by General George Washington; the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson; the U.S. Constitution, 1st draft written by James Madison and sufficient coverage of our first 4 U.S. Presidents (3 of which are precedingly named).


·       Undaunted Courage – an in-depth review of this very good book about the Lewis & Clark Expedition; which was instigated by President Thomas Jefferson who championed the cause of retaining dominance over the territory west of the Mississippi River; out maneuvering France, Spain and Great Britain --- greatly assisted by territory obtained via the Louisiana Purchase.


·        At the end are write-ups on what appears to have occurred that caused our Post to lose our Building which was called Blackburn Hall.



Two of the sub-headings do NOT have dropdown menus: "Home” & "Contact”:


·       "Home” has 2 aspects that are not obvious to the casual observer:

o   While there are no "Options”, it automatically slides sideways every 10 seconds. the slides are updated often

o   Scrolling down is another way to get to "Announcements”


·       "Contact” provides names & their phone numbers that you can call to query about our Post. It also provides our mailing address, meeting address and the day/time that we meet each month.


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