Posted: January 19, 2022 --- by Post Commander, Carl Christophersen


Trustee Roy Gould went to his doctor to get another COVID test. The doctor came back after the test and said, "Good News, Bad News". The "Good News" is that you are no longer contagious. The "Bad News" is that there is an odd thing about COVID-19, which is that some "particles" tend to hang around which is still causing a positive test.


So, Roy will not be going to Canada to ski and will rest up and test again later. Even though not being contagious has to count for something. I ask him to make sure that he has a negative test before even considering coming to our VFW meeting on February 2, 2022.

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Posted: January 2, 2022 --- by Post Commander, Carl Christophersen


I hear that some national news pundits have suggested that a decent chunk of the U.S. population should take a civics lesson. Well, be aware that there is lot that can be learned about civics, from just (here) our VFW Post 3348 web site. 

For a quick perusal, check out the "About” menu and click on "Guide to this Web Site”.


Look under the "Program” menu. There you will find conveniently placed there for your reading pleasure, the full text of the:

·       Constitution of the United States

·       Amendments to the U.S. Constitution

·       Declaration of Independence

·       Timeline of who could vote on the U.S.

·       Ranks of Officers & Enlisted by Branch of Service (all 6 Branches)

·       Federalist Papers synopsis


Then pop over to the "Resources” menu. There you will find:

·       Branches of the U.S. Government (all 3 Branches)

·       U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (photos & bios)

·       Unified Combatant Commands (these are the ones who actually carry out legal orders)

·       Elected U.S. Representatives from WA State


It is recommended that you listen and/or watch a cross section of news, now and then, to learn other viewpoints from which you can make up your own mind. That is especially true if what you tend to believe is a bit out there. It can be upsetting when you find out that what you were believing, is a lie. 
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Posted: December 1, 2021 --- by Post Commander, Carl Christophersen


Since no one in our Post, for the past few months, is using Zoom to attend our VFW Post meetings, we have cancelled our Pro Zoom account. If things worsen on the COVID front, we will purchase a Pro Zoom account again.

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