There are 7 menus across the top of this web site:

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2.   About *

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* The down arrowheads indicate it is a drop-down menu with additional options, which appear once you left click on the menu.


Under the "About” menu; the more popular options are:


·       About Us: a short dissertation on our Post and includes the name and phone # of our Membership Committee Chair


·       Officers: names & photos of both the elected & appointed officers


·       Taps: photos & short biographies of deceased members



Under the "Programs” menu; the more populare options are:


      o   Youth Essay Contests: describes the various National VFW annual essays for 2022-2023 (once they are announced)


      o   The U.S. Constitution: complete text after the original draft, written by James Madison, was debated and modified    


      o   27 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution: complete text (these Amendments are considered part of the full Consitution)


      o   The Declaration of Independence: complete text as written by Thomas Jefferson



Under the "Resources” menu; the more popular options are:


·        Veteran Benefits & Assistance (100s of links to useful web sites). This is, by far, the most used option on this web site 


·        WA State Service Officers: names, hours, phone numbers & email addresses 


·        U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff: names & photos of each Joint Chief & names of the civilian Military Secretaries who oversee them


·        Unified Combatant Commands: names of the 11 UCCs, who is in charge & what are their operational responsibilities  


·        Branches of the U.S. Government: a quick Civics lesson. Lists the 3 branches of the U.S. government including the names & titles of prominent members of the Executive Branch under the President


·        Timeline on who was permitted to vote in the United States: from 1776 to 2021



Under the "News” menu; the more popular options are:


·       News: current veteran related news, updated often 


·       Announcements: updated less often and is more Post related 



Under the "Login” menu, there is only one option you can use:


·       Members Only

1.   Requires the VFW Member ID

2.   Password is the VFW Member's last name e.g., the password for Eli Smith is "Smith”



The first 2 entries are updated every month:

  • Meeting Minutes (Last 3 Meetings)
  • Newsletter (Last 3 months)


Following the above entries, are some fascinating readings, broken into easily readable parts.


·       First Principles – an in-depth review of this excellent book which took us through the Revolutionary War, championed by General George Washington; the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson; the U.S. Constitution, 1st draft written by James Madison and sufficient coverage of our first 4 U.S. Presidents (3 of which are precedingly named).


·       Undaunted Courage – an in-depth review of this very good book about the Lewis & Clark Expedition; which was instigated by President Thomas Jefferson who championed the cause of retaining dominance over the territory west of the Mississippi River; out maneuvering France, Spain and Great Britain --- greatly assisted by territory obtained via the Louisiana Purchase.


·        At the end are write-ups on what appears to have occurred that caused our Post to lose our Building which was called Blackburn Hall.



Two of the menus are NOT dropdown: "Home” & "Contact”:


·       "Home” has 2 aspects that are not obvious to the casual observer:

o   While there are no "Options”, it automatically slides sideways every 10 seconds. the slides are updated often

o   Scrolling down is another way to get to "Announcements”


·       "Contact” provides names & their phone numbers that you can call to query about our Post. It also provides our mailing address, meeting address and the day/time that we meet each month.


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