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 Posted: May 4, 2021 --- by Post Commander Christophersen


This is just for members of VFW Post 3348. Under the "Login” menu on our web site www.vfw3348.org you will see the option "Members Only”. That option requires you to enter your VFW Member ID and a password --- which is your last name. In there you can read several things e.g., Minutes for the last 3 months, Newsletters for the last 3 months, etc. An addition to that reading list, that I have just added, is a 14-part series about the beginnings of our country --- that revolves around 4 men:

·       George Washington

·       John Adams

·       Thomas Jefferson, and

·       James Madison


Those 4 men happen to be the first 4 Presidents of the United States of America. I tried to keep each of the 14 parts to about 3 screens. I have gone through it several times to cleanse out any unhelpful data regarding what these 4 Founders accomplished and/or researched; and to make it easier to read.


The source is a book entitled "First Principles” by Thomas E. Ricks. He found actual letters and/or notes, etc. that allowed him to capture various quotes directly from these Founders --- so you get a feel for what they were experiencing, thinking, confronting and resolving. All done without all the modern conveniences of 2021. Things were a tad different in the years around the 1776 era.


There is an amazing resemblance to some of our current events --- as it delves into what transpired leading up to the acceptance of the Constitution of the United States of America. Why is Congress made up of 2 bodies: Senate and the House of Representatives? Where did the concept of a judicial system, with a Supreme Court, come from? Why do we have a President and not a King? How was the precedent set that there can be a peaceful transfer of power from a defeated President to a legitimately elected President?

It is convenient that you can move from one part to another, simply by scrolling back up and selecting it from the list. Also there is a "Table of Contents" that has a snapshot of each of the 14 parts to help you get oriented.

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VFW Youth Essay Themes


Posted: April 15, 2021 --- by VFW Post 3348 Quartermaster, Thom Fermstad


The themes for the VFW National essay contests for 2021-2022 have been posted on our web site: www.vfw3348.org; "Programs”; option: "Youth Essay Contests”. The entry forms are linked at the bottom of that page.


The Voice of Democracy (VOD) essay contest is for young adults in Grades 8-12 --- the top prize is $30,000 but they pay down to 5th place. Local VFW Posts usually pay a little something to any qualified person who sends their essay submission, prior to the October 31, 2021 deadline, to our Post:


         Blackburn-Aurora VFW Post 3348

         PO Box 55164

         Seattle, WA 98155



The Patriot’s Pen essay contest is for children in Grades 6-8 --- top prize is $5,000. Same rules.

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December 23, 2020--- Dr. Chris Vanderwalker, Medical Director, VA Puget Sound Health Care System


We plan to open 3 micro-clinics in Edmonds, Olympia, and Puyallup by the end of April 2021 --- and a new Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) in Everett in late 2021.


VA Puget Sound will be closing the Valor Healthcare clinics in Lake City, Federal Way and Bellevue on January 31, 2021. During the period from February 1st to the opening of the micro-clinics, VA Puget Sound will have virtual teams with primary care, social work, pharmacy, nutrition, and mental health ready to go for Veterans who receive care at one of the 3 Valor Healthcare clinics.  


Veterans who receive care from Valor Healthcare will be transferred to new locations based on their zip code and proximity to the nearest VA Puget Sound care site. There is limited availability in the new Edmonds clinic, so some Veterans will be assigned care in Seattle. Our clinics do offer video care appointments, so it is not necessary to travel to Seattle to receive care.


You can find a full list of those options at https://www.va.gov/find-locations/.


Our new micro-clinics are:

·       Edmonds Clinic: 21616 76th Ave, Edmonds, WA 98026

·       Puyallup: Sunrise Medical Center, 11102 Sunrise Blvd, Puyallup, WAS 98374

·       Olympia: Olympia Medical Center, 500Lilly Rd, Olympia, WA 98506 (pending)


Patients interested in seeking care at any of the VA Puget Sound sites, should call (253) 582-8440, Ext 71234.

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