There are 7 sub-headings shown across the top of the web site:

1.   Home

2.   About *

3.   Programs *

4.   Resources *

5.   News*

6.   Contact

7.   Login *


* The down arrowheads next to these indicate that there are additional options


Under the "About” menu, the options most utilized are:

·       About Us --- a short dissertation on our Post and includes the name and phone of our Membership Committee Chair

·       Officers --- our current officers and their photos

·       Taps --- names & photos of deceased members


Under the "Programs” menu, the options most utilized are:

·       Youth Essay Contests --- describes the various annual essay contests for Grades 5-12; sponsored by VFW; it shows the themes, rules, forms and potential financial payments to the top winners

·       Joint Service Committee (JSC)--- two entries that discuss the services JSC provides and has a few success stories. The JSC helps veterans navigate the VA maze to get their VA claims honored --- either initially or on appeal 


Under the "Resources” menu, the option most utilized is:

·       Veteran Benefits & Assistance


Under the "News” menu, the options most utilized are:

·       News – posted current military news (usually from - it changes often

·       Announcements – posted less often but is also current, but more generalized, military news (usually from 


Under the "Login” menu, there is only one option you can use:

·       Members Only – you need to type something into 2 fields:

1.   your VFW Member ID

2.   your password which is your last name e.g. Bobby Mayo’s password is "Mayo”


As an aside:

1)  You ONLY need to use the Login menu when you want to use the Members Only option; there is no need to login to use any other option on the web site

2)  No one uses "Webmail” that we are aware of

3)  only the two 2 co-webmasters can use "Site Admin”


The two co-webmasters are the Commander and the Quartermaster 


There are 2 Non-menus: "Home” & "Contact”:

·       "Home” has 2 aspects that are not obvious to the casual observer:

o   while there are no "Options”, it does slide sideways every 10 seconds and the slides change often

o   If you scroll down, you will see a duplicate "Announcements”

·       "Contact” provides some names & phone numbers that you can call to query about our Post; it also provides our mailing address, our meeting address and the day/time that we meet each month.  

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