Mount Rushmore


The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is the name of a mammoth sculpture carved into granite that shows the faces of 4 outstanding Americans --- all former Presidents of the United States --- the sculpture is located in South Dakota.


Those 4 outstanding Americans are:


George Washington


·       A Founding Father


·       Brilliant Commander of the Patriot Forces that, with assistance from France (thanks to Benjamin Franklin), defeated the British --- which earned the United States its independence from Great Britain


·       Without George Washington, with his demonstrated brilliance as the Commanding General of the U.S. Army, there may have never been a United States of America


·       1st President of the United States


Thomas Jefferson


·       A Founding Father


·       Principal author of the Declaration of Independence – July 4, 1776


·       3rd President of the United States


Abe Lincoln


·       Kept the United States a united country via a horrible Civil War


·       Finally addressed the failure of our Founders by freeing the slaves


·       16th President of the United States


Teddy Roosevelt


·       Became known at the "Trust-Buster” after breaking up monopolies held by the railroads, Standard Oil, etc.


·       Conservation was his top priority; he established National Parks, Forests and monuments intended to preserve our Nation’s natural resources; he started construction of the Panama Canal


·       26th President of the United States