The Joint Service Committee (JSC) is a group of dedicated veterans that assist other veterans with their disability claims, healthcare issues and housing problems. The JSC has helped over 2,000 veterans negotiate the difficult path to secure the benefits they have earned resulting in roughly $10 Million (monthly payments) and over $7 Million (retroactive payments).


Success Story #1


A veteran with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder/Military sexual Trauma (PTSD/MST). The veteran had been sexually assaulted by several higher-ranking supervisors. Those rapists isolated the veteran for their own self-gratification over a prolonged time period. When the veteran became too psychologically damaged, they kicked the veteran out of the military with an "Other than Honorable Discharge.”


After years of bouncing from one menial job to another, making less that poverty wages and suffering with profound psychological disabilities, this veteran sought assistance from the JSC.


The result: a 90% service-connected disability rating. 


          Success Story #2


A Navy veteran with Parkinson's' disease and dementia, needed assistance to get admitted to the Puget Sound Regional Medical Center for supervised care and treatment. The JSC diligently worked with both the VA medical care providers and the Veterans Benefit Administration on compensation for the veterans' service-connected disabilities. 


The result: a 100% service-connected rating, and a determination of housebound status netting the veteran approximately $3,800 in monthly compensation.

                Success Story #3

We assisted an Afghanistan/Iraq veteran when the VA attempted to revoke his Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) rating.  Rather than fight the VA battle plan, we outflanked them by requesting an increase in his 70% disability rating for PTSD. 


Following a mandatory C & P Examination, the VA granted him a 100% permanently disabled rating.  The veteran no longer must live his life in the capriciousness of the VA's efforts to eliminate the TDIU rating for our most vulnerable veterans to save money for the Federal Administration's efforts to privatize the VA healthcare system.


          Success Story #4


A Blue Water U.S. Navy veteran was recently granted a service connection for his prostate cancer.  This is the 1st decision we have received for a veteran that served within the territorial waters of the former Republic of Vietnam.  The veteran served aboard a U.S. Navy ship that was stationed offshore the terrestrial areas of Vietnam, and never set foot ashore.


This is a direct result of the PROCOPIO v. WILKIE decision where the Court held that the so called "One Foot" rule was never a valid policy due to Congress's intent that the Agent Orange presumption must apply to everyone that served within the Republic of Vietnam including the territorial waters (12 miles seaward). 


            Success Story #5


A Vietnam veteran was rated at 70% for prostate cancer that was treated with radiation. He filed a VA claim for an increase in that rating due to worsened symptomology. The veteran subsequently died from bladder cancer. After his death, the VA denied his claim on the basis that his bladder cancer was unrelated to his prostate cancer. 


Working with the veterans' surviving spouse we filed a rebuttal substituting her as the claimant in this matter and appealed the decision on the basis of a medical opinion that the veterans' bladder cancer was more likely than not caused by the radiation treatment that the veteran received for his prostate cancer.


We just received notice that our appeal was successful, and that the veterans' spouse was entitled to a 100% VA disability rating because he died of bladder cancer that as a direct result of his service-connected prostate cancer.


              Success Story #6


In a sad bit of news, one of our clients died last week from the coronavirus (COVID-19).  We had just won a significant claim for an increase in his disability rating in January 2020.  We are currently working with his surviving spouse on a claim for burial benefits as well as a disability and indemnity compensation package from the VA.  It is our understanding that the veteran died with just a few days of being infected by the virus.



In March 2020, as the deadly COVID-19 virus spread unchecked across America, The JSC suspended office hours at the Fleet Reserve Building in Mountlake Terrace. We contacted our clients and told them that we would re-open only when we can assure their health and safety will not be jeopardized. Nonetheless, we continue to work for our veteran clients by working from home. 


Every member of the JSC is looking forward to when conditions are right to re-open our doors once again and greet you in person. We may also be holding office hours at the Shoreline American Legion hall on N. 147th St & 17th Ave NE right behind Good Will.   For further data, contact Rob Caldwell @ (206) 963-2864.


Our programs support our service members while they are on the front line, as they are being discharged and long after they return. Your tax-deductible donation will be immediately directed to the VFW programs where your support is most urgently needed.